revised: cold, cold, cold

i was wrong. no teeth, just a major case of the common cold. hence the drippy nose, the drooling (attributable to mouth-breathing and forgetting to swallow), not sleeping (since he can't breathe through his nose and can't suck on his nuk WITHOUT breathing through his nose), and all around grumpiness. the only thing that doesn't make sense is the jaw-rubbing...maybe he has/had an ear infection, or sinus pressure back there. who knows?

the only good that has come of it: he's super cuddly and i get a chance to use the nose sucker. (it might be sadistic, but there's something really gratifying about sucking a bunch of gunk out of his nose.)


YAYA said...
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YAYA said...

The nose sucker - it's a "Right of Passage." You are carrying on a family tradition. Welcome to the slightly cynical side of parenting my dear!