baby it's cold outside.

i can't get enough christmas music. for the last week and a half, i've had my pandora station set to christmas songs, and i love a couple things about it:

1. it's pretty much all worship music, but with little-kid sentimentality attached.

2. so far, they haven't played that STUPID song, 'christmas shoes' (seriously, kill me now), or that 'christmas in iowa' song. if you've never heard either of these, consider it a christmas miracle and move on with your life. they will steal your soul.

3. you get to personalize the station, so songs you don't like get banned, and songs you do like get rotated in more.

i have noticed one thing, however. that 'baby it's cold outside' song is a lot creepier than i remember it being. the basic premise is this girl is trying to leave this guy's place to go home, but he's trying to persuade (manipulate) her to stay longer. she still lives with her family, who are understandably probably worried about her, so she's probably pretty young. instead of calling it a night, the guy keeps pouring alcohol into her, and at one point she even asks what's in the drink he fixed her...probably GHB. merry christmas, kiddies.


whenjeskasparks said...

i love it when people says "baby, it's cold outside" is their favorite song.

'cause it's pretty much like a t-pain song but much slower and no auto tune.
(either way someone's not consenting to some booty grabbin'!)

whenjeskasparks said...

and i just realized that the accent i had in my head while typing my last comment, actually came out in text...

"people says"


*ahem* "people say"*