still preggers. were you wondering?

i realized i haven't talked much about the pregnancy lately. it's strange, with two little ones here during the day, i don't get a chance to think about it much. but when i do, it's like finding out i'm pregnant all over again, so that's nice. :)

i'm around 19 weeks (or, starting week 20; that's how i counted with atticus). i'm still not showing much and haven't gained any weight yet. which seems to be somewhat typical for me now that i have something to compare it to. i've been feeling the baby move on most days, which happened a lot earlier this time around than it did with atticus, and the movements have been much more pronounced than atticus' were at first. i think we have a mover and a shaker in there.

our ultrasound is scheduled for december 14. i'm really excited! i kind of feel like it might be another boy, since this pregnancy really hasn't been significantly different from my first, but i also wonder if i just assume it's a boy because that's all i have to compare it to. who knows? i'm just excited to find out that it's healthy and has all its pieces- no more, no less - and to find out the gender so we can start the long process of choosing a name.

oh, and also, i'm making a to-fetus-scale stocking, and i want to know whether to embellish it with woodland materials or some kind of vintage jewelry, like a broach or a huge costume jewelry glittery pin. (um, sticks for a boy, glitter for a girl, just to clarify, since our male offspring seem to have an affinity for sparkles - atticus loves his glittery pink tiara. no joke.)

we're getting close to finding out the gender...any last minute bets to place?

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Ted n' Tiff said...

Paige, glad you posted something about your pregnancy because I am always curious how you are doing! Was sooooo good to talk to you last week and I can't wait to come visit one day!