our daily schedule

with kaiden here everyday now, our schedule looks a little different than it used least my personal schedule does. there's a lot of clock-watching at my house!

7:30-8:00 get up, get atticus up and change him pick up house, make atticus' breakfast and let cool

8:15 kaiden arrives

8:30 kaiden goes down for his nap, atticus eats

10:00 kaiden gets up and eats, atticus goes down for his nap

11:30 atticus wakes up, kaiden goes down

12:30 atticus eats

1:00 kaiden gets up and eats

1:00-2:00 both awake!!!

2:00 atticus goes down

2:30 kaiden goes down

2:30-3:30 both asleep!!!

3:30 atticus gets up

4:00 kaiden gets up and eats

4:30 atticus eats

4:00-5:30 both awake, get house picked up, get dinner started

5:30 jenni picks up kaiden, todd gets home from work...

whew. it's tiring, but honestly, i've found myself to be more productive since kaiden got here simply because the "stretches" of the day aren't as long. there's always something going on, but it switches often enough that i don't find myself burnt out on any one thing. soon i'll post a peek into the fun projects i've been working on!

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Anonymous said...

That made me laugh :-) I was just laughing to myself the other day for using the phrase "putting the kids down". It's the same term people use for putting animals to sleep or tackling someone... the later of which sometimes happens here! I'm glad I'm not the only one putting kids "down" :-)