oh, what a night. (or, running on fumes)

yesterday i woke up SUPER excited for the day. it was friday, first of all, which is always nice, plus i had a chiropractor appointment which i have been desperately needing for weeks now. not only that, but todd was planning a surprise date for me (and my sister was going to watch atticus, so it would be just the two of us), so all day i was trying to figure out exactly what he had up his sleeve and was just really excited to get to spend some one-on-one time with him.

my chiropractor appointment went so well, i almost cried on the way home about how good i felt. then todd took me to this awesome place in gilbert where you get to season and cook your own steaks (mmm...i'm eating leftovers now) and we got to just chat with each other and enjoy each other's company. we even made a couple stops at cub foods (i hate that place but they had butter for 98 cents a pound) and target, then stopped for coffee on the way home.

a GREAT night.


atticus woke up and started crying really hard (which he had done for the last 3 nights or so), and around 11 i went in to check on him. he was BURNING UP. i took his temperature and the thermometer jumped so fast to 105.5! i was totally freaked out. i called gave him some tylenol and called first nurse (who was actually helpful this was a november miracle) who told me to strip him down, wait an hour and see if his temp dropped below 105 - if it did, he wouldn't need to go to the emergency room.

at 12:15, we took his temp again, and it had dropped to 104.5, which was good, but still high in my book (i heard in elementary school that your brain starts to cook at 105. probably not scientifically true, but scary to a mom.) we finally got him to sleep around 1:15 by putting him in the swing...he wouldn't sleep lying down, but he'd sleep in a more upright position (yes, mom, i think it was his ears.)

he slept restlessly in the swing, and todd and i on each of the couches, until 4:15 when he woke up screaming (i had given him more tylenol around 3:30, so there wasn't anything more i could do at that point.) so we were up for the day. i got up to chop and juice an onion to put in his ears in case it was an ear infection, then i plopped him in the bathtub. around 5:00, his body heat felt more normal and he was acting like his regular old self...i swear by that onion thing, i don't know why i didn't do it earlier.

so at the morning...on a saturday... atticus and i found ourselves grocery shopping at walmart in our pajamas. he fell asleep in the car on the way home, slept until his 9:00 dr. appointment, and is passed out again now at 11:00. he's still not eating much, but at the doctor's office his temp was 98.7, his ears were clear and his rapid strep test came back negative, although his throat's a little red.

who knows? i have a hunch it was his ears and that the onion thing did the trick, but then again i don't know if they'd look clear so soon. all i know is i seem to have my normal kiddo back, at least for the time being!
atticus at around 3 months. if you look carefully, you can see the MAJOR snottage coming out of his nose.


The Grout Family said...

That is nice Todd had a surprise date for you guys! Sounded like a lot of fun!!!

How scary about Atticus!!! I'm glad he is doing better and hope he is back to 100% very soon! :o)

Anonymous said...

That made me tired just reading your post... wowsa!! Rough night!! What an emotional roller coaster and all while you are pregnant and hormones are wild anyway...I think you earned a few Mama badges for your vest :-)

My ear started hurting during church so I did the onion juice thing to myself before heading to my Mom's for Thanksgiving... totally felt better in minutes... yeah onion juice in my ear!!