re: thanksgiving.

thanksgiving was a smashing success this year. i made most of the food beforehand, and it all turned out swell, and i even took the time to set the table and try to make the buffet look nice. my parents and sister came up for the day and we all hung out, ate too much and watched football. and my stepdoug fell asleep. all in all, a good day.

atticus cuddling with yaya karen

on sunday, our little family went down to my mom's for the day and did it up in style with stepdoug's daughters.

atticus developing an affinity for the baby jesus from his little people nativity set.

...and rediscovering his fascination with my mom's cats. lauren looks cartoonishly sad in the background.

our first all-three-of-us picture since atticus was two months old.


allison said...

technically the last picture is of the 4 of you.....kinda. glad the thanksgiving turned out great for you. i was wondering how making all the food before hand turned out.

sarah said...

Roman has the SAME nativity set! He got it for his bday! woot woot! And I cannot believe how small you are at 19 weeks! With Roman I was twice your size!! :)