you should have to show your I.D. to eat chinese food.

on friday, we went out to eat at the local chinese buffet. it's usually hard to go to a sit-down place with atticus in tow, but i figured since you get your food right away and atticus could try a bunch of different things (since i didn't know what he'd prefer) for free, it was worth a shot.

he was not a fan of the rice or the seasoned green beans. he could not get enough of the mushrooms and mandarin oranges. he fell somewhere in the middle on the chicken. i also forgot to bring his sippy cup, but he figured out right away how to drink from a straw, so that catastrophe was averted!

after a while, he started to act kind of, for lack of a better descriptive word, drunk. he would babble nonstop for a while, followed by a crazy dance (getting rice and soy sauce all through his hair), followed by a short head slump down into his chest, followed by a new burst of energy and a laugh, then a shriek, then it would start all over again. it was SO FUNNY, but it really made me wonder what the heck is in the food there....i'm not sure i want to know.

i, on the other hand, could not get enough of the CLAMS they had! they've never had them before, but i have been craving seafood - specifically, clams and oysters - NONSTOP, so it was like a little christmas miracle straight from heaven to see them under the sneeze guard...right next to the crab legs....mmmm.

and on a little sidenote while we're talking about food, atticus still isn't saying actual words, but all of his official "communication" has to do with food. he has been signing "more" for a while now, and about 10 minutes ago he signed "all done" for the first time! also, whenever you say any of the trigger "food" words ("eat," "snack," etc.) or start to prepare food, he'll go, "MMMMMMMM!!"

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lauren said...

hahah! it was those mushrooms!