i had this grand idea to start a tradition of making "first day of snow" fudge. i love snow (at the beginning of winter) and i love fudge. so it would make sense. my mom passed on my great-grandma's fudge recipe to me, which is seriously the BEST, and i was waiting anxiously to whip some up on the first day of snow.

enter thursday!

so i got all my ingredients together, followed the recipe to the letter, and once the fudge was made i put it in the fridge to set up.

12 hours later, it was still not set. so i put it in the freezer.

6 hours later, it was still not set. it was still pure liquid.

when i pulled it out of the freezer THIS MORNING, it was still liquid.

so, my grandiose plans for a great family tradition flopped. i was feeling defeated until todd came home and added a new idea for the first day of snow: ordering in pizza. um, fine with me! fudge can wait until next year. (or at least the second day of snow...i'm now officially in the mood for some fudge.)

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whenjeskasparks said...

aw, so lame.
i love fudggggge.
'specially when it melts in your mouth.
mmmmmm. :)