my baby's butt is all green.

atticus has been wearing "big boy" (cloth) diapers for a week now. they're taking some getting used to, and there are definitely pros and cons.


..the price. a one-time-price of 25 bucks for the current size he's in, and i'm guessing i have 3 or 4 times the number that i actually need.

..he actually went up a pants size since they make his butt kind of bubbly. i've been struggling with pants for him lately, since his waist fits 6-month pants and his long legs fit 9-month pants. now he's officially in all 9-mo clothing.**

..i don't know why, but i feel like he stays cleaner or something...i just feel better about not having those weird chemicals up against his skin.

..they don't smell as gross as disposables, and they're less maintenance (yes, it's true!). the pee-pants don't smell as strongly, plus no more back-and-forth treks to the dumpster every time atticus poops since the poop just gets flushed down the toilet.'s super trendy and green, and you know me: super trendy and green.


..atticus' bubble butt. it looks ridiculous, and whatever pants he wears look like mom jeans in the front.

..i didn't think through the fact that wet clothing is wet on the outside as well, and i have to touch his pee-soaked diapers to get the pins out. so. gross. (today we're experimenting with the no-pins method to see if we can't eliminate this con.)

..rinsing out diapers in the toilet after more free-spirited poops take place.

..extra laundry. although it'll probably only amount to 1-2 extra loads a week, which isn't a big deal at all, i hang-dry them, which is a pain.

..atticus has a fascination with the diaper pail and can easily get the lid off if left unsupervised for a half a second.

in all, i'm actually really excited to get into the groove of using them! they're really not as bad as i thought they'd be.

***on a side note, he has only gained six ounces in the last 6 months, and i'm so ready for him to start growing...i'm getting really tired of dressing him in a lot of the same clothes he's been in since he was 5 months old! he seems like he's been gaining weight since we moved him to whole milk and all table foods, so we'll see if he starts moving up in clothing sizes!


The Grout Family said...

i must say, the whole milk will help! strummer's pants are fitting him much better in the waist! i even have him in 18-month pants today (for the length) and w/2 layers of onesies, they stay up!

Mark said...

Have you ever heard of a snappi? You can use it instead of the pins. I have one that you can have if you want to try it. Let me know.