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today we have two scheduled family appointments (well, three actually, if you count todd's dentist appt). we have already attended atticus' one-year appointment and will have our ultrasound at 1:30! i just thought i'd update with atticus' news before we go for our next appointment.

so, it's official: the hole in atticus' heart was considered "resolved" and won't pop up as an issue in later appointments! however, he apparently has had a sinus infection for the last month, so we're starting him on a round of antibiotics.

he also received his last round of HIB and Pc shots today. they also wanted to do Hep A, chicken pox, flu and MMR, but we decided against it. he'll get his MMR shot in 3 months and we won't be getting the flu, Hep A or chicken pox vaccines at all (along with the Hep B shots we've already passed up).

our doctor couldn't care less that we weren't getting the hepatitis shot today, but really was adamant about chicken pox...weird. i'm adamant that, considering it contains aluminum and human DNA (yes, true and yes, gross) and it's just to prevent chicken pox, we'll take our chances.

his stats:
height: 75th percentile
head circ: 75th percentile
weight: 3rd-4th, yeah. he's a little guy. (apparently with a huge head and a stick body considering his weight...he's like a little lollipop.)

we'll have to go in at 15 months to check his weight gain since he's really not tracking where he should be. the doctor said in the meantime i'm supposed to limit his milk intake (i would have thought the opposite). so we'll see.

other than that, he was a champ when they drew his blood - he didn't even cry! what a tough guy!

alright, i'll update later with the other tiny van voorst's medical news.

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Regarding the milk intake...I've seen it where kids will drink a sippy cup of milk before a meal, then not touch the food. But, one time while watching a kid, I didn't give the milk before hand and the child ate the food. After the kid was done eating, I gave the kid the sippy cup of milk then. I guess milk is a 'filler'.