nothing to write about, so...

just a couple of thoughts. really irks me when people steal carts from walmart or target to carry their stuff to the bus stop, then just leave them there. seriously, it's stealing, people. it probably makes your life easier, but as todd says, you wouldn't steal a boombox from walmart so that you can listen to music while you wait for the bus, then just leave it there when the bus comes. just because you leave it at the bus stop doesn't mean you didn't steal it.

okay, enough ranting.

..we have friends who are MAJOR subaru enthusiasts, and i thought it was really funny when they told us they were members of a subaru social networking group (in real life - they go bowling and stuff). then our friend andy told us it's actually not uncommon for groups to form based on what kind of car they drive. i wonder if there are any ford windstar groups, because i would TOTALLY join.

..i have been craving different foods a lot more with this pregnancy. sea food/fish, jarred jalapenos and olives have been my strongest, most recent cravings. i don't even like olives; i think they're gross even as i'm eating them, but i just can't stop. two nights ago, i ate like half a jar of green olives and chased them with straight lime juice. less surprisingly, i've been craving donuts, chocolate anything, cheesy anything, and microwave popcorn with crazy salt. also...salad.

..i got a couple of craft/sewing books for christmas, and i am having the HARDEST time deciding what to make first!!!

..atticus is THISCLOSE to saying "mama!" i'm so excited!!!!!!!! husband is the best. and i'm not exaggerating. he is the best husband there is.

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