having myself a crafty little christmas

this year, i've really tried to take advantage of some of the creative opportunities that christmas holds. here are some of the things i've been working on:

i replaced the blue glass in this vase with some festive red berries and some sticks from our "backyard" (the trail behind the garages).

the wreath i made out of pages from one of todd's old textbooks. (go here for a tutorial.) next time i think i'll make a little one from a bible! (or at least not a textbook on argumentation...or at least pay attention to which pages i'm using and not put the page entitled "GAY MARRIAGE!" right in the middle...)

ahh, there it is right above the couch!

our tiny tree...we didn't have enough room for a full-size tree, so my mom picked a 3-footer for us from the dollar store and i just picked out some of our older, smaller ornaments in a red, cream, and green theme. no star? no prob, i just tied a ribbon on top. i didn't have a tiny skirt either, so i just bunched up some burlap around the bottom.
i made all of our stockings this year, which was really fun!

this is atticus'. i made it out of burlap and sewed on the cross-stitched cuff my mom made for him last year.

todd's i made from an old gap sweater i found at the salvation army, then i sewed on some antique mother-of-pearl buttons in a snowflake pattern.

this is mine. i made it from some's undergarments and some ruffles i bought at hobby lobby.

this is penelope's. i made the stocking from some quilted material, then i sewed on an antique hand-crocheted doily for the cuff, then cut apart another antique doily for the flowers.

here they are all hung up!! i found that board in a pile of trash wood at a campsite, then just screwed on some cup hooks. (there's an extra hook for a growing family...who knows what next christmas will look like?!)

you can see the fresh wreath i hung in the window (for that perfect christmas-y smell). i've been stringing the christmas cards and letters we receive with clothespins.

here's a sampling of some of the gifts i've wrapped. i used brown contractor paper and cloth ribbon to give them kind of a home-grown look. (the one in the top left is embellished with burlap, since i ran out of ribbon.)

my sister found this pair of little dutch shoes at goodwill and gave them to atticus. they were in pretty rough shape, so i gave them a fresh coat of paint, then sanded them to age them. in dutch tradition, kiddos put out their shoes and santa (ahem, i mean sinterklaas and his sidekick black peter) fills them with gifts. basically like stockings, but i couldn't decide which i liked better, so atticus will get both this year.

it has been so fun working on this stuff! once christmas is over, i'll turn my crafty energies toward penelope's nursery and girly-girl outfits. (i'm thinking...tu-tus.)


whenjeskasparks said...

ooooh. i looooove it!
i can't wait til i have a house and a family so i can finally start doing things i like.

..i could start now... but it's no fun when you only get to do tiny bits of things at once. i'm trying that with nesting and i'm ending up just getting frustrated that this is a room in a basement, not an apartment or a house with a kitchen and bathroom to decorate. grawrgg.

i loves it!
and i loves you!

i will have to find some merry christmas presents for you, toddest, atticus, and penelope! (whom i will NOT refer as penny, or pen-eh-lope. 'cause i loves you. :D )

BeckyPerky said...

Impressive Decor! I didn't do anything but get my cards (sorta) done. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all at the 16th St party!

YAYA said...

So proud of you!!!