stole the idea from allison.

ten things you may not know about me: first "official" boyfriend was jesse barnes in the 7th grade. he dumped me because i offered him a grape jolly rancher, totally forgetting that he was diabetic. second "offical" boyfriend was jesse burns in the 8th grade. (no, i'm not lying. jesse barnes and jesse burns are two seperate but very real people.) he dumped me during PE roller skating because i told him i wouldn't make out with him behind the dumpsters during the school dance. he later dropped out of school (assumingly unrelated to the eighth grade incident).

..i've only cooked red meat twice since we've been married (2.5 years). i LOVE anything with beef, but i don't cook it myself.

..when we get our own yard, i will do anything within my legal power to have chickens.

..i used to make my own yogurt. it was not good.

..i watched gone with the wind once, but i accidentally watched the second disc before the first. it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. i've never seen it in order. favorite book is east of eden by john steinbeck. you should totally read it.

..i used to be a vegetarian.

..i have no idea how many times i've been to disneyland.

..i peed my pants in public when i was 16. it involved the sweet corn festival, a joke about a chalupa, and a debilitating (albeit temporary) illness. i couldn't find my mom so i sat on the curb by our locked car for like an hour, crying and waiting for my mom to find me.


whenjeskasparks said...

have i told you recently that i love you?
'cause i love you.

all these things reminded me of how much fun we had in high school.
you're still my favorite. <3

lauren said...

you are brave to post your pee pants story!

also, you and todd should buy the arants'house.