one fish, two fish, red fish, sardines.

in preggo news, i'm still all about the benjamins.

and by benjamins, i mean seafood. as we speak (er, as i type) i am eating sardines covered in mustard on crackers. with sweet pickles on the side. (even though i'm craving fish, i'm not sure sardines are really up my alley. i mean, i knew that sardines were just tiny fish...but i didn't think through the fact that they still would have bones and skin...does no one remember the post where i was shocked to discover canned salmon? fish bones really gross me out.)

anyway, that somehow has not convinced me to stop eating them, although the mustard they came packed in just isn't mustardy-enough so i might have to bust out the french's (who am i kidding? the aldi brand mustard).

apparently all the omega-3 fatty acids have been going to the baby, though, because i have SERIOUS preggo brain. i found atticus' bib in the trash, discovered an empty toilet paper roll in the kitchen utensils drawer, and put my underwear on over my pajama shorts.
atticus makes me feel better about it, though, because he can now say MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!!!!!!!

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lisagrace said...

HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY for Atticus being able to say MAMA! : )

And I laughed so hard at all of your preggo brain moments!