done and done.

spring cleaning is done! it only took barely over 3 days (a modern miracle), and that is even after taking into consideration that i had atticus the whole time! (i got in the car to take him to jamie's yesterday and...dead. battery.) so, my house is clean from the top of my cabinets to under my fridge. as i went along, i brainstormed some decorating ideas...and may i say i am VERY EXCITED?!?!

in the meantime, here's a little slideshow (a "vid," if you will) that i put together for my family for christmas. i thought i'd share it with yall since a) i like to think of you as family (aww, how sweet) and b) i am not skilled at ANYTHING techie, and i kind of want to show off my first attempt at using windows movie maker. so without further ado...


BeckyPerky said...

Great Video Paige! Todd's yellow jacket still makes me smile... What great ideas for the month age photos! Congrats!

whenjeskasparks said...

aw, good times, good times.

for the record, i am the WORST FRIEND EVER.

i got your christmas present and i wrote you a thank you note on the unbelievably awesome mixtape paper, sealed it with a robot sticker, and...
naturally didn't get it in the mail.

so then i said "oh, well.. i'll send it soon. but in the mean time i'll call her."

... yeah, that worked out amazingly well. excuses aside, i've been pullin' crazy hours at work.

but! that all being said.
thank you so much! i love them! i love you! you know me very very well, as per usual. i'm so glad that you thought of me.. you are too kind.
i can't wait to see you next.. which should be in a few weeks if all goes to plan!

jared said...

Nice job! However, is that Dolly Parton singing?