trick or treat.

so, not to brag or anything, but i think my kid clearly won halloween.  i hear some of you out there saying, 'but halloween isn't a contest.'   that's just what contest losers say.

but, i suppose i still need to butter you up to come around to agreeing with me, because there actually is a costume contest...and since i live vicariously through my children, i desperately need the validation that comes along with winning this.

now, i realize he looks a tad uncomfortable here, but he's out of his element (you know, the garden).  but seriously, what other two-year-old do you know that can rock a beard like that?!

if you're still not's a bribe: vote for my kid and he'll get you really cheap rates on airfare and hotel stays.

GO VOTE!!!!/photo.php?fbid=449379830722&set=a.449374230722.240742.54716040722&pid=5991101&id=54716040722

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YAYA said...

So... I don't see where YOU have voted...