november voting

anyone else out there TOTALLY SICK of all the campaign propaganda? i will be so glad when the election is over.  i actually got a letter in the mail that opened with, "i'm afraid to say that ___________ has been spending your money like a drunken sailor - but only because i think i would offend drunken sailors."  i'm not at all kidding. 

not that i don't like to disrespect politicians (and drunken sailors) as much as the next guy.  but seriously, are we still in junior high? 

here's a deal: i'll vote for you if you give me my normal commercials back.  none of these "so-and-so loves heated sidewalks and child abusers.  plus, his picture is in black and white.  clearly we hate him; vote for me instead." or any commercials with more words to read than pictures.  or any with the state farm guy - not that he's a political figure, i just really can't stand him.  (who's he kidding - no one can be as good as the allstate guy.)

so to bypass all the political junk i have chosen to vote...for my favorite non-political commercials.

...lowes: "i don't have that kind of authority!"
...any swagger wagon commercials.
...any old spice commercials (the tickets are now diamonds.)
...doritos beer (you don't know me!)
...brett favre for sears
...peyton manning's mastercard commercial (the weather here is sweet!)
...pinch the pigskin (that tickles.)
...this one and this one from sportscenter. inn (the majestic humpback whale)

any other good ones i forgot?


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Danielle said...

oh. my. word.

this makes me wish i had cable. i haven't seen most of these!!!

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