who'd have thought quilters were quirky people?

i've been taking this quilting class downtown over the last few weeks, and i'm one of four people in the class.  there's a youngish single girl, and a guy and a lady who are both in their sixties from what i can tell.

the other night, the 60-something-year-old lady's phone rang.  and what ringtone did she choose to signal that her sister was calling?  that 'she's my cherry pie' song.  and, because it was 'dancing with the stars' night and apparently this requires extensive complaining about how horrible bristol palin is, it rang OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  and every single time, it was ridiculously awkward to hear that song coming from a grandma's purse.

moral of the story: don't ever listen to that song, but if you feel you must, retire it by age 40.  after that you just become the pervy old guy (or gal) in the corner who makes everyone else uncomfortable.  and never make it your ringtone, regardless of age.  and if you MUST make it your ringtone, please turn off your phone while you're in public and/or around children.

i feel violated.

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