penelope at six months

so, since penelope will be seven months old in like a week and a half, i figured i'd get a quick post in on how she's doing.

she's still as chill as ever, and a GREAT sleeper (although daylight savings has really thrown her for a loop).  she usually wakes up around 7 or 7:30 and takes a one-hour nap in the morning.  then after lunch she takes a four- to four-and-a-half-hour nap (yes, really) until dinner time.  then she goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps through until the next morning.  i am not kidding.  her threshold for being awake is two hours-ish, but even that's pushing it.

while she's awake, she loves playing with atticus' toys, chewing on her feet, and playing in the exersaucer.  unfortunately, she's also highly aware of other people's food at this point so she's been eating some solids.  (i was really hoping to wait on most of that until she could "self-feed".)  she is also really aware of other people's presence, and is starting into her 'separation anxiety' phase.  she has laughed a few times and has recently discovered that there are ears on the sides of her head - and won't stop messing with them!  she has two tiny teeth (but don't let them fool you - they work well even though they're tiny.)

i worry about her a lot.  she's really tiny.  at her six-month appointment, she weighed 12 pounds 10 oz (1st percentile) and was 26 inches long (61st percentile).  also, her head is in like the 70th percentile, so she's like a lollipop.  (a cute lollipop, but a lollipop nonetheless.)  she's able to sit in the bumbo or stand in the exersaucer for a while, but then her head gets so heavy that she can't hold it up anymore.  she gives up on tummy time after only a few seconds, and pathetically just lets her face fall into the carpet and cries. 

i spend a lot of time second-guessing myself.  even though she doesn't act hungry or anything, i still worry she's not getting enough or growing fast enough.  and i know that all kids are different, but when i see other babies her age hitting milestones that she seems a long way from reaching, i struggle against thinking that i'm doing something wrong. 

then i worry that worrying about her makes me seem like some kind of helicopter mother who has no inherent instincts regarding her child, and honestly, i feel like that a lot of the time. 

anyway, i don't really know why i got all emotional there at the end - i wish i could chalk it up to being drunk or something, because that seems to be a valid excuse for all kinds of things, especially if you model your life after celebrities like i do.  and anyway, i don't really know what i'm even looking for - advice, encouragement, truth, i don't know. 

so...thanks for bearing with me.  i promise i'll be funnier next time.  in the meantime, have another look at my beautiful daughter:

with her grandpa tony

she was a lamb for halloween 

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lauren said...

you are an incredible mom. I see this first hand several times a week. penelope is a little squirt and the happiest baby I have ever known. little doesn't mean malnourished in this case. she's even getting chubbier in the face now.

paige, I have never known a woman that puts so much thought and attention to her parenting. be encouraged that the fact you are concerned about this MEANS that you are a great mom.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:6-7

I know that penelope is happy and healthy. please know that you are a great mom and comparing her development to others is not good. at camp we used the phrase "comparison is the theif of joy" frequently. by comparing penelope to others her age, you're unable to find joy in who she is, even as a little squirt. the truth is, satan is attacking your thoughts and turning the perfect creation that God has made in penelope into a source of anxiety and doubt for you. the good thing is, each time satan presents us the temptation to allow him in our thoughts, we are also provided an awesome time to run to Christ and have Him renew our minds and find our identity in Him.

I love you.