'member that time?

hey, 'member that time when i was a freshman in college, walking home in a lightning storm with my umbrella up? and 'member how i was all like, i'll probably get struck by lightning, but then i was all like, no i won't.  and 'member how, after that, i did get struck by lightning and the only thing that kept me from frying crispy was the fact that the handle of my umbrella was plastic?

i should probably play the lottery.


whenjeskasparks said...

i vaguely remember this.. but i don't remember you ACTUALLY getting struck..

what did it feel like?

paige said...

my umbrella got struck. it hit the top and it totally jerked and i looked up and this huge spark was traveling down the handle. it kind of made a little explosion right as it hit the plastic part where my hand was. a little surreal but didn't hurt since it didn't hit ME.