atticus' new truck

as you probably know from various previous blog entries, we keep our toy collection to a minimum and let atticus play with random crap around the house.  (no, we do not voluntarily allow our child to play with literal crap.)

a while ago, todd's brother sent us a huge box of hand-me-downs from his son for atticus.  (holla atcha, mike neese.  get a blog.)  atticus immediately attached himself to the box everything came in and started calling it his truck.  in a surge of "i'm a great, fun mommy" energy, i decided to cut cardboard wheels out of the last box he had been playing with and attach them to the new box. 

no, those are not breasts, you sicko - they're wheels and i'm artsy.  you don't know me.

after a few flopped attempts at attaching them safely with paper clips and then staples, i busted out the super glue.  but it used so much super glue that i decided to just stick with the two wheels...yes, like two breasts.  i guess you were right.  and i'm not artsy either.

you still don't know me.

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whenjeskasparks said...

it looks like it's saying, "sad box is sad." and it's just flopped on the floor without energy and the wheels are its eyes.

so, that being said: