i've gotten the urge to simplify our lives. first undertaking: atticus' toys. seriously, he has so many toys, and yet his favorite things to play with are a plastic cup, a blush applicator, my hairbrush, HIS hairbrush, a highlighter (with the lid jammed on TIGHTLY- don't worry), a piece of cardboard, an old magazine, an old CD, a wooden spoon and a canning ring.

so why all the fancy toys?
i tried to go through his toy basket and keep only high quality things that he would likely play with...the only problem is that I'M attached to a lot of them. i would find myself thinking things like, "he's never liked this toy, but i got it as a shower gift" or "even though he's never shown any interest in this one, maybe the next kid would like it." um, i'm apparently more attached to his toys than he is.
so i'm working on an experiment. i cleared out half of his toys and put them in a bag (out of sight, out of mind). in a couple days, i'm going to go through and clear out half of what's left. if there are specific things in the bag that i find myself missing or truly regretting getting rid of, i will retrieve only those things. in a couple weeks, i will sell or donate the remaining toys. i think it's better to keep our house uncluttered and allow someone else to potentially get use out of these things than to keep them around out of sentimentality.
obviously, i'm not getting rid of everything, or even all purely sentimental items. just trying to foster an attitude of thankfulness for the things we DO have rather than an attitude of stress because of all the things we've accumulated but don't want to manage, take care of, or keep organized.

atticus' toy basket AFTER clearing out half of what was in it!

next project: my clothing...yikes. if i find myself far too attached to atticus' toys, this one will be hard.

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