as close as i come to suburban homesteading.

so much of my day is spent thinking about food: menu planning, meal prep in the morning (thawing meat, etc), meal prep at mealtime, baking, making baby food, batch cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the stove and oven, thinking about which friend i can con into lending me some freezer space, seen as how mine is at max. capac. (for all you lisagrace fans out there), etc.

the other morning i realized that my grossest food job is chicken. yes, chicken in general. (if you have a strong gag reflex, perhaps stop reading now.)

i buy whole chickens from aldi, thaw them, then roast them whole. easy enough considering i don't have to kill and pluck them myself, except the whole "rinsing out the body cavity" thing. never thought i'd find myself regularly putting my hand up a chicken's butt.

after it's cooked, i take off the skin, take as much of the chicken off possible, then freeze it in meal-sized portions for use later in things like enchiladas and soup. i can get about 4 meals from a small chicken. nice.

so then i have this gangly, pathetically meatless chicken in front of me, which i promptly boil in a big pot of water with some veggies and seasonings for stock. i then strain it and measure this into one-cup quantities in plastic cups and freeze. then i put all the little frozen blocks of stock into a single freezer bag to use in recipes that call for broth or stock. i call it garbage soup. mmmm, garbage soup.

this weekend, i even tried frying the skin into cracklins (how very ma ingalls of me) to use in place of bacon bits in quiche and other things like that.

at the end of saturday morning, my skin smelled like chicken from the inside out. or really, just on the outside - i wasn't able to smell the inside, but i'm pretty sure it would have smelled like chicken, too. however, i felt very native american in that no part of the chicken went to waste. (well, that's not entirely true - i forgot to take out the giblets before roasting and that...was gross...and definitely a waste.)

so, in summary, although 'little house in the big woods' (which i read this morning) makes playing with pig bladders and making head cheese look glamorous, i'm not so sure. i think chicken is enough to keep me entertained for a good long time.


tivo vovo said...

you are a good wife.
thanks for all that you do at home.
i love that you get to keep our home and raise our child.
it is a blessing to me to know that you are there and that you are so committed to doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Now if you could just carve the bones to make your own jewelry...

Anastasia said...

Do you find that cooking the chicken, then making stock gives better chicken flavor? I usually just throw the raw bird in the crock pot with the veggies and some water, then strain and debone at the end.