homegrown hygiene.

um, yucky title. kind of yucky results.

okay, so it all started with a piece of garlic. if you rub a crushed clove of garlic on the bottom of your foot, in a few seconds you can taste it in your mouth. not only is this gross because you now have foot food in your mouth, but it's also gross because it shows that what goes on your skin ends up in your bloodstream and then elsewhere in your body.

well, it makes sense then that if you're concerned with what you put in your body, hygiene products should make the list as well.

so i went to to research the products we were using on our skin, and i found that most of the products we use rate between a 5 and a 6 on a hazard scale of 0-10. not horrible, but really not great.

on a hazard scale of 0-10 of things you should eat, i would say filtered water is a 0, pure iocaine powder is a 10 (princess bride, anyone?) and a toaster is probably a 5-6. so while it's not eating iocaine powder, it's still like eating a toaster. or something.

whatever. moving on.

so i've been trying to find recipes for homemade health and beauty products. our first experimenting has been with bath products: shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

day 1: dr. bronner's peppermint castile soap (0) - um, so gross. apparently this soap is vegetable oil based, which left my hair SO greasy. i tried rinsing it with apple cider vinegar (ACV) (0) and conditioning with coconut oil (0). WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD TO MY LOVELY-LOCKED ENEMY.

day 2: baking soda (0) and ACV (0) to rinse. still sticky and gross.

day 3: ivory soap (3) and ACV to rinse....same results.

i was starting to get really discouraged and decided to just look up on the website what shampoos had a rating of 2 or lower (0-2 is low hazard). but i'm going to guess that since most of them were organic brands, they'd be WAY more expensive than my huge 78-cent box of baking soda. i did read that after transitioning away from commercial detergent (shampoo) products, your hair kind of does a purge before it normalizes. after that it's actually less greasy than it would be if using shampoo regularly, since shampoos contain waxes and mineral oil (a petroleum byproduct) that builds up on your hair.

so i decided to stick with the baking soda a little longer.

day 5: baking soda and lemon juice (0) to rinse - WAY BETTER RESULTS!!! i think i may stick with this.

baking soda has done great on atticus' hair all along (baby shampoo has a rating of 5). we've been continuing to use our regular dove soap, since it's only a 3 and the castile soap was making me break out. (and the honey/salt/cinnamon mixture, while it made me smell like a fresh-baked cookie, kept getting stuck all over the inside of the tub and i'd find rogue bits of cinnamon in my pants at the end of the day. not super thrilling.)

for baby lotion, i just add a tiny bit of coconut oil to his bath water after i've washed him and kind of rinse him with it. he doesn't feel greasy (although, a LITTLE DAB'LL DO YA with the coconut oil) and he feels soooooo soft!! i like it even better than baby lotion.

i'm liking experimenting with new things, but i'm giving my shampoo situation a month to iron itself out. if it's still "purging" then, i'll be buying something commercial and calling it a day.

***UPDATE: screw the baking soda. today i used what little is left of my herbal essences shampoo and garnier fructis conditioner and my hair smelled like a high-hazard heaven. WILL be switching to a lower-hazard albeit still REAL shampoo product. (you know it's bad when you keep trying to blow-dry the water out of your hair and then realize it's HEAD GREASE, not water, that is already on your head immediately after stepping out of the shower. and, shudder.)

i like to call the look 'homeless chic' and it's just not cutting it in the van voorst house. while we are on the crazy side, our standards are not that low. 78 cents a box for baking soda or not.


tivo vovo said...

you are a fun wife.
i don't use shampoo.
i just use the free soap from the gym.
so what i save in shampoo can go toward your low-haz sham.

Danielle said...

awww how sweet. :D