god doesn't exist, he subsists. - rc sproul

totally unrelated to the title, i've been a little discontent lately. i would really like to switch our family to more of a whole-foods, organic diet. but considering our (voluntarily) VERY limited grocery budget, i just can't justify spending $5 a pound for organic chicken when i can get the hormone-choked kind at aldi for 79 cents a pound. (that's right, 79 cents a pound! i hope atticus marries aldi someday so we can be related.), i found myself complaining to todd one night about how i really wished we had an unlimited budget (or an organic aldi - be still my heart) so that i could jump on the organic bandwagon with the rest of society. but, as usual, todd had a better outlook on the whole situation than i did, and said something really profound:

"we have a limited budget so that we're able to give more away. we don't eat organic so that other people can eat."

choke, choke. um, good point christian husband.

then i ran across this tidbit:

"Conventional good stuff is still good stuff. The most important thing is to eat something REAL. The country isn’t in a health crisis because our we eat too much produce with pesticides. If only! It’s in a crisis because we don’t eat enough produce of any kind. So first things first, people, get up to your gizzard in some plant foods. A conventional pesticide-laden peach is, like, a bazillion times better for you than organic goldfish crackers."

so with that in mind, bring on the aldi produce.

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Love it! Absolutely love it!