pride and parenting: 2

some final thoughts.

do i think we're doing okay? yes i do. do i think there's room for improvement? absolutely i do. i've only been at this for nine months now; i do NOT have this whole mama-thing anywhere near figured out. i'm challenging myself to REMEMBER this and to give a little more grace to others when they don't do things my way, and i'm asking others to do the same.

obviously, we shouldn't be parenting all by ourselves (we were created to live and learn in community), or be too proud to accept advice, encouragement and even rebuke from trusted veteran parents or, more importantly, god.

we also shouldn't believe that there is no "right" way to do certain things - some things are black and white issues (whether you feed your child organically is not, whether you feed your child real food is. obviously). but there are things that are "open hand" issues, in the words of mark driscoll. and frequently, i find myself too proud to admit that my opinions and passions fall into this category. i also find my pride getting offended at well-intentioned friends, family and strangers who just seek to help me make my job a little easier.

so long story short, i should swallow my pride and accept advice and opinions from others, but also take certain things with a grain of salt because i, not anyone else, have been given the responsibility of stewarding my family as a wife and mother, and not every piece of advice i receive would be best for my particular family.

so, thanks to the judgmental folks at hickory park the other day, i'm feeling much more confident in my parenting! hopefully any parents reading this feel encouraged as well! if you are doing the best you can with what you have - god's word and your time, education, family, and finances - , then consider yourself successful!