it's a garage sale miracle!!!

todd and i had been planning on asking for cloth diapering supplies for atticus' birthday. it's not like we're not used to making investments in a lot of diapers all at once, but cloth diapering has expensive start-up costs and we were hoping we could get some help with it.

then i found myself at a garage sale on friday with TONS of diapering stuff for sale - in really good condition - for really cheap! but since i needed to talk it over with todd, and he didn't get home until after the garage sale was over for the day, i wasn't sure if they'd still be there the next day. so we discussed it, decided it was a good idea, and i prayed HARD that they'd still be there on saturday.

so i left bright and early saturday morning, but forgot about the iowa/iowa state game traffic (um, 8 am was a madhouse) and then i forgot where exactly the garage sale had been. i was totally freaking out until by god's grace i found it - and all the diapers were still there!

so, for 50 bucks, i got:

7 dozen diapers in both infant and toddler sizes
12 bummis wraps sm-lg
2 pairs of waterproof pants
1.5 boxes of disposable liners
2 diaper pails
2 waterproof pail liners

um, how awesome is that?! and the lady reassured me that none of the items had ever been through the dryer...considering they don't have a dryer. (they were those people - lots of wooden toys and cast iron cookware and, well, cloth diapers available. my kind of folks.) the guy said they'd hold up through all our kids unless we were planning on having like six kids or it looks like we may end up trying to garage sale for more diapers at some point.

the only downside to buying cloth diapers at a garage sale is that another kid has crapped in them. but we're the van voorsts, and that's how we roll.


lisagrace said...

hooray! i'm so glad you got them!

The Grout Family said...

oh my gosh! that's SO awesome! i've been wanting to switch strummer over and have the new baby have cloth diapers as well!!! you grabbed a steal of deal! :o)

sarah said...