i've figured out what to do with my life.

as a stay-at-home mom to two tiny kids, i found myself with tons of extra time on my hands that i didn't know how to fill.  so i've decided to start my own business printing inspirational mugs.  try to resist buying a mug that says, it's as though god went right ahead and dipped you in chocolate.

and think about how much a loved one would appreciate the gift of a mug that says, life without you would be like chewing on tin foil.

or how great would it be to start your day with a reminder that your soul is so beautiful, i bet 10:1 it was made of pure spun gold and hummingbird tears.

you'd never have a bad day again.  only $19.95 (plus tax and handling) guarantees you the best life ever.   taking orders now - just in time for christmas!  


whenjeskasparks said...

around here, those mugs would sell like hotcakes.

(there is supposed to be a pun there about ihop and ihopancakes. but it didn't work out...)

i loves your face.

captcha: erretryn.
"where you at? i need that fixed!"
"ayo! i'm erretryn. it's not workin' though."

Danielle said...

ok, seriously, i would get those. maybe not for $19.95 because i'm saving my moneys up for jb and linda's cd, but that's definitely next on my list. so funny! a cupboard of "sweet nothings" mugs...amazing.