thwr: elements of a great marriage

paige: so, i read today that getting enough phosphorous in your diet is important because it allows your saliva to create a protective....

todd: forcefield.

paige: (silence)

todd: keep telling your story.

paige: are you totally bored?

todd: no! you're talking about phosphorous, how could i be bored?! phosporous is my favorite element! it's the 'ph' on the elemental table.  it puts the 'ph' in 'phat.'

and that's how we roll.

(author's note: does anyone else remember that 'phat' stands for 'pretty hot and tempting'? slang makes people seem smart.)


whenjeskasparks said...

is that what it really stood for or was that the definition white people made... 'cause it sounds pretttttty whitish.

(also, my word verification is woopect. which also sounds white.)

Danielle said...

I always wondered myself - I knew it was "Pretty hot and" and could never come up with the "t". Terrific? Titillating? Tenacious? idk. My cousin confirmed about 2 weeks ago that it is "pretty hot and tempting". Not sure how it came up in conversation.

tivo vovo said...

it can also be pretty hips and thighs. FYI.