ragbrai ragbites.

so, i came awfully close to hitting about 4 ragbraiers yesterday on my way to tara's. 3 were unintentional.  however, one of them gave me a funny look, and was lucky he got away before the light turned red. i hope he got a debilitating butt cramp.

oh, bicyclists. ride on the freaking sidewalk and obey traffic laws.

why is it that this one week every year we celebrate people who spend their week sleeping in tents, drinking beer, and migrating from town to town on their bicycles? the other 51 weeks, we'd call them vagrants or carnies and call animal control or something. but this week, when they all team up and swarm around, it's reason to celebrate and let them sleep in our yards.

i still regret not hitting that one guy with my car.

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Anastasia said...

actually it's illegal for bicyclers to ride on the sidewalk (alex points out that some paths in Ames are dual-use)....