i'll love you till the wolves come home.

todd and i both had really vivid dreams last night. todd's involved waiting for a friend to push her car to the gas station where he was waiting, and then seeing a squirrel. not just any squirrel; a squirrel with wings that it was using to fly around. suddenly, its wings and tail fell off and it landed on todd's back. he desperately wanted to pet it, but he didnt' want it to bite him. he also had a feeling that if he turned around to look at it, it would peck his eyes out. with its squirrel beak. so he reached around and pinched its beak closed with his fingers so it couldn't peck him, and he began to pet it and tell it, "i'll love you till the wolves come home," which in his heart he knew meant, "i love you so much that i would turn around to pet you even if i knew you would peck my eyes out." awww.

i, on the other hand, had a dream that i auditioned for a dance company owned by dustin hoffman and kirstie alley. i auditioned, and then a stately black butler handed me a plate with a piece of apple pie on it. i was expected to dig through the pie with my hands to find a slip of paper that told me whether i was hired or not. i found a bit of the piece of paper, but not the whole thing, and i started freaking out because i thought kirstie alley had eaten the rest of the paper, and i would therefore never know whether i was hired or not. dustin hoffman was very reassuring, though, and told me that i had, in fact, been hired, but i needed to be less "ballet" and more "victim." all in all, a creepier dream than what i just conveyed. it was raining.

in much happier and more real-life news, we had our ultrasound today!!! our little bugger sure is cute...and MALE! we're having a baby boy! he was awake during it, and he would scratch his eye and yawn and move around. the ultrasound technician said that he REALLY liked to suck his thumb, because no matter how he moved, his hands would always end up right back in his mouth. it was so cool to see our little guy moving and hiccupping and yawning, like a real little person. i mean, i know he's been a real person, but to see was indescribable. it was so cool.

i bawled like a baby. it was just so weird to see the little guy for the first time, even though i've spent the last 5 months thinking about him all the time...and todd was there and we were both so excited...probably one of the best times of my life, in all reality.

so. weird transition.

another exciting thing that has happened recently is that we've obtained a car seat AND a second base...for free! god has been awesome at providing us with all kinds of really neat surprises through generous friends. jared and allison gave us a car seat that allison's co-worker had given them. it's in great condition, and was only made in 2007; practically brand new. so i was thinking that i would only have to register for a second base so we could easily transport the kid in both cars. so, i was telling jamie and marnie how excited i was that i would only have to register for a base, and marnie offered to give me a base from one of her old car seats! how sweet is that?!

also, jamie has been awesome and found us a free bouncer-thinger, and has given me a bunch of breast feeding stuff, like milk storage bags, nursing pads, and a handy how-to pocket guide, which is funny. and gross. but nonetheless very appreciated and i'm sure will come in very handy.

god has been so good to us. he has blessed us with such an awesome marriage, and now a kid, and really generous and supportive friends and family...seriously, couldn't be happier. well, maybe a little happier...if only my belly button wasn't starting to show through my clothes...gross.


jared said...

i can't decide what is better, your great news or crazy dreams.

glad your little guy cooperated and wasn't modest. :-)

Danielle said...

PAIGE!!! oh my goodness! You are showing! (you probably know this already. :)) seriously, I am so excited to see your gorgeous self and your little baby boy! congrats on the new job too... ;)