what you're missing out on by not missing out on cable.

we don't have cable, which means our lives have the potential to be really dull, and how we survive without witnessing the latest celebrity shenanigans, i still don't know.  but more to the point, we generally have to come up with our own entertainment.  which is where this blog post comes in.  the kids are starting to get really funny since we burden them with the responsibility of filling the sitcom-shaped hole in our collective heart.

penelope: my baby's name is coffee, and my other baby's name is juice.


atticus: HAHAHA, toots!

paige: did you toot?

atticus: no. i'm just laughing about other toots.


the other day, penelope was walking around carrying what turned out to be an old, rolled up wet diaper.  she came up to me, pretended to dig around in it for something, and asked if i wanted some ‘taco juice.’  and i was all, ‘really, really not.’


paige: i think i have to poop.

todd: good story.  you just said that exact same thing about five minutes ago.

paige: i did?

todd: yeah, you did.  you got the ‘zheimer’s, or do you just like talking about poop that much?

paige: …it’s hard to say.

todd: you say i don’t pay attention to the things you say; apparently you don’t pay attention to the things you say.


atticus: i have two beers!


penelope: want a back rubs?

paige: sure!!

penelope: (after exactly a tenth of a second) okay, i done rubbing your back.  i'm tired.

better than tv, i tell you.

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Amy said...

The 'zheimers story is hilarious!! I love you guys! :-D