the weekly 'what's up'

most of what happened this week was decorating-related or related to snapping pictures of innocent strangers.  take this photo, for example:

todd took this picture of a van fully loaded with bags and bags and bags of white bread.  we were sitting at a stoplight, and he attempted discretion, but we still looked like people busting out a dslr to photograph someone else's van.  maybe someone else saw us and assumed zach braff was in the van...paparazzi much? 

we were wondering just what she was going to do with all that bread.  what's your guess?

oh, and then there's this:

what, you've never seen a sleeveless collared shirt?  it's the newest thing in business casual, and my husband deserves nothing but the best, which in this case is a 'member's mark' brand shirt with no sleeves and a cropped belly.  (can i just say that i think it's so funny that a) sam's club has its own clothing line, and b) it's still called member's mark, and c) we own dress clothes from sam's club?)   finneas looks super jealous of todd's work-tankini.

anyway, that's a joke.  i actually turned it into a member's mark brand pillow.  with a pocket.  so i can keep my stuff in it while i'm lounging on the couch.  if we had remotes, they'd go in there.  i also made it a pillow buddy, so two of our seven pillows are covered (i still have a long way to go...):

todd trimmed the hedges, which were starting to grow fingers on their unruly arms:

i made curtains for the kids' room.  here's a sneak peek at the fabric:

a while back, i took the front off the piano, just 'cuz, and i can't get enough of it, so i thought i'd share:

and i've also been painting the bathroom, but that's a post in and of itself, so i'll just let you hold your breath until the big reveal. 

and lest you think i have actually been cleaning my house while i've been decorating it, i would like to assure you that my upstairs bathroom is going on a four-week-deep level of scum.  yum-o!


the crawfords said...

cute pillows. The pocket will come in handy for all the beers that you drink while nursing.

the inside of the piano is beautiful.

when am i going garage sale shopping with my new bff? You missed Jason breaking one of our dinner room chairs with his massive body last night. Told you our parties could get wild. now i'm on the hunt for a few old lady chairs...

hope you know i don't mean to be a weirdo. just pretty giddy that we are friends.

paige said...

"You missed Jason breaking one of our dinner room chairs with his massive body last night. Told you our parties could get wild."

and i missed it?! bummer.

i'll give you a call if i go garage sale-ing this weekend!

and - you are totally weird. which i totally love you.

paige said...

*which IS WHY i totally love you. i'm weird and can't speak english.