the weekly 'wutup.'

what were we up to this week?

on friday night, the kids attended their first non-van-voorst birthday party, replete with a water balloon slingshot and a cake that (purposely) looked like it had gotten mauled by the hulk.  the kids came home with glo-sticks and the conviction that the birthday song is actually entitled 'the happy caedmon birthday' song.  we sing 'happy birthday dear caaaaaaaaedmon' multiple times a day now.

on saturday, my sister came with us to a local park where we exploited our free labor force:

(more photos from the day to come soon.)

i switched the wallpaper on my phone to a picture of todd. when penelope discovered that, at any given moment, she could have her daddy at her side, she became totally attached to my phone.  she carried it around, gazing at todd's photo and saying, 'my daddy is so cute! he's looking at me.  he's looking at my butterfly.  daddy is my friend.'

while i did have the minor gardening success of picking our first ripe tomato, i was mostly defeated by having to pull yet another blight-plighted tomato plant and having to rip out both of our zucchini plants and six bug-infested pumpkin plants.  our garden is looking like a barren wasteland.  next door, however, they planted their tomato plants from seeds in june, and their plants are looking lush and healthy and are larger than mine.  her peas are STILL producing in the 100+ degree heat, and she has so many green beans, she's letting them die on the bush.  trying desperately not to be jealous, but it's not going well.

on wednesday, i drove home from grocery shopping in a MASSIVE storm.  i had to pull off the interstate twice and sit there while the wind nearly lifted the car off the ground, i got pelted with hail (almost personally, when i accidentally started opening the moonroof instead of turning on the overhead light), and i made my peace with god that i very well could die that night.  luckily i got home safely, bawled and tremored for a while, and moved on with life.

thursday, my good friend, ex-roommate and member of my wedding party lisagrace came over and we chatted until well past 9:30 (when my brain typically shuts off).  i loved it.

i deep-cleaned the living room and ended up rearranging the entire space.  i love the arrangement much better, although i'm still dying for some COLOR.

i finally moved finneas to cloth diapers after watching myself drop seventy-five bucks on the disposables in a single walmart trip.  (granted, they weren't all his, but a lot of them were.)  i'd been holding off to avoid the extra laundry and the bubble-butt that would inevitably make his clothes stop fitting, but seeing all those diapers lined up on the clothesline, each individual one saving me around twenty cents (which adds up quickly), it's worth the sudden curves they've caused him to develop.

so - saving money, killing plants and preparing to meet my maker.  what were you up to?


whenjeskasparks said...

hm. this week? enjoyed a lovely birthday call from you and found a sweet pull-out-sofa-love seat FOR FREEEEEE on craigslist. its still in my car, so i haven't ENTIRELY investigated it, but other than being smokey, it looks perf. god bless loving grannies with chimney lungs.

todd said...

The Jersk.

You probably should have checked out the "free" love seat prior to letting it live in your car in summer heat. I hope you enjoy your "free" petri dish of ick that is now living your ride.