finn at four months

finneas is officially four months old!

player's stats:

length: 26.5 inches (87 percentile)
weight: 14.4 pounds (27 percentile)
favorite move: the whiskey barrel

oh my word, can i just say this kid is the best baby on the planet?  he eats like a champ, sleeps like a champ, and is apparently thrilled to be alive.

when he's awake, he loves rolling from his back to his tummy, grabbing at toys and his toes, shoving his head against my face so that i'll kiss him, and providing a running commentary on how he feels about life; he coos and grunts and babbles constantly, but it sounds like he mostly has good things to say about how life is going so far.  he's like a cheerier, less emotionally stunted john dorian.

he currently eats five to six times a day, and goes three to four hours in between feedings.  while we're really not following babywise much these days, i do try to keep him in the habit of eating, playing for a while, and THEN sleeping, and i do wake him up so he doesn't go longer than four hours between feedings.  his last feeding is usually between 9:30 and 10:30 sometime, and he pretty consistently sleeps until 8:00 or 8:30 the next morning. 

i love that as soon as i take him into his room, he knows right where we are and he buries his face in my shoulder and starts sucking his two middle fingers before i even lay him down in his bed.  then i lay him down, he rolls to his belly, sucks his fingers and is out like a light.

i'm getting ready to start him on solids, which is more for my own peace of mind than anything else, i think.  i just want to know that he's getting enough to eat, especially after all the trouble i had nursing penelope, and since he's somewhat little as well.  so even though i really am a bigger fan of baby-led weaning and allowing babies to simply eat mashed up normal-people-food as they're ready, i'm hoping to get more calories in him now.  so pretty soon here i'll be starting him on egg yolks, and hopefully that will fatten him up.

my favorite thing about him right now is his funny toothy smile.  i love when he smiles at me and crinkles up his little nose and his funny little teeth hang out.  i also love how insanely ticklish he is, especially by his collarbone and along his ribs.  and i love that his little hair is starting to grow back in, and it's still blondeblondeblonde.

um, what else?  nothing, i think, unless you haven't already figured out that i love this kid from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet to inside his ears.  i am in awe of our amazing, faithful god who heard my prayers and pleadings to be able to bond with finn right away and to not have to deal with postpartum depression again.  i'm so grateful to jesus, and so in love with my kiddo, it's unreal.


whenjeskasparks said...

can i be put on the mailing list or whatever you did to get such beautiful babies?? seriously.

Jess Alexander said...

I know i'm a new mom, but I've recently read that baby's weight can drop by starting solids because breast milk has WAY more calories than solids do. Our doctor told us that it's really common for weight to drop a little between 4 and 6 months because parents start solids. Just my two cents, take it or leave it! =)

LOVE reading your blog.