back in black.

hey all.  i'm back from blogcation.  and i'm a little sad about it.

it was a wonderful week of laying low: no appointments, no trips, no grocery shopping, no visitors (well-loved though they always are).  just me and the kids and my monstrous to-do list which is now slightly-less-monstrous.  it made me want to hole up with my kiddos and my window squeegee forever and never see the light of cyberspace again.

and i really evaluated over the week whether or not i should continue blogging on a set time schedule like i have.  sometimes it feels like a burden to come up with something for each weekday.  but i also realized that, because i put myself on the spot to come up with something on a regular basis, much more of our lives end up on here, which is why i started the blog in the first place. 

i want to remember these days.  i want to remember losing it when i get toddler poop on my leg (which just happened on friday), and i want to remember the joy and comfort of snuggles from my kids after i lose it.  (after the poop thing, atticus climbed into my lap and snuggled and kissed me on the cheek and rocked me back and forth and said, 'are you okay, mom?')  i want to remember the hard stuff so that i can comfort and empathize with other mothers going through it, and also so that i can use it as leverage when my adult children try to do something i don't approve of, like moving away or putting me in a home.  and i know that with three kids under four, and with plans to grow our family even larger in the future, i need to have things written down and photographed or i won't remember just whose poop stains are whose and i'll regret that.

and as for scheduling, if i don't discipline myself to write regularly, many things will get lost at the expense of chronicling our larger, more memorable events.  which is why our once-a-year christmas letter looks different than our near-daily blog.  (that, and the fact that my grandma might actually read the christmas letter so i don't write about how i flashed my undies at the trash guy.  but see? that's the stuff actually worth remembering anyway.)

so that long and more-self-reflectively-involved-than-necessary essay is only there to say, i'm here to stay.  sometimes begrudgingly so.  but for my memory's greater good.



A Cush said...

I'm so glad to hear you are choosing to continue blogging! I really enjoy your posts. Your honesty rocks! I look forward to your future posts. :)

todd said...

I am very excited as well. I love having these days documented with such color commentary (even if todller poop brown is the color de jure)

todd said...

or "toddler" even.