finneas at five months

finneas is now five months old!  so, i know, i know.  old ladies and your mom will never fail to tell you how quickly the time goes, but those old ladies and moms are right.  i feel like time is just snowballing away from me and pretty soon finn is going to be having his own kids (well, he will have a wife and she will be having them) and i'll get all jack handy and all, 'children shouldn't be having children,' but then finn will be all, knock off the jack handy act mom. i'm thirty.  and i'll be all, NO YOU'RE NOT YOU'RE FIVE MONTHS OLD.

wow.  anyway.  five months.

weight: 14.2 pounds (8th percentile)
length: 26.5 pounds (67th percentile)
wrestling moniker: the lightning rod

as you can see, he's a long, lean drooling machine.  he actually hasn't all...since his last weigh-in, which would normally freak me out.  i just have to keep telling myself that all my kids have been like this, where they come out pretty good-sized and then grow sloooooowly.  and from his diapers and contentedness and puke volume, my milk supply seems to be doing okay as long as i eat and drink enough.  just a slow grower.

he just moved into his 3-6 month clothing, although i really could have moved him sooner.  i was just selfishly avoiding the black hole of laundry that comes when you move a child into a new size.  i swear, it's a vortex that you never escape from.

no wife on finneas' radar so far, thank goodness, just a lot of rolling around and getting himself stuck under the coffee table.  if i set him down and leave the room, i can't guarantee exactly where he'll be when i return.  he is WIGGLY and interested in everything.  duplo blocks? taste good.  infant hairbrushes? taste good, but tickle.  rattle actually intended for a baby to chew on? doesn't taste so good.  toes? taste AWESOME.

his hair is coming in and it's SO BLONDE!  i am in love.  i can't remember a time that i didn't wish i was blonde, so having a blonde baby is the next best thing.  although it's hard to imagine living vicariously through a blonde son since i'm sure he wouldn't look better in a bikini than any given brunette.  anyway.  he has these little spots in his hair, the largest one being the diameter of a dime, that are really light, almost pigmentless.  and i hope they never ever go away!  i love those little quirks and idiosyncracies that each kid has that makes them unique, like atticus' ear-cartilage dimple and his wonky pinky toenails, or like penelope's adorable glasses and the birthmark on her knee.  those little things that make them them, and make you feel privileged to know them so well as to know those things.

um, what else? we started him on egg yolks, and he tolerates them at best.  definitely doesn't love them.  which, yeah, makes sense.  luckily we've not had any kind of spitting-up incident after them; i can only imagine the disaster that would end up being.

he is so snuggly and cuddly when he's tired, and so ticklish when he's awake!  he doesn't seem to like being tickled though (which he comes by totally honestly and i try to respect that. i HATE being tickled).  so instead of all-out laughing, he gets all red-faced and his eyes water and he goes, grrrEEEEEEEEEEEE.  it's pretty funny, so i can't help doing it sometimes.

he laughs occasionally.  the hardest i've heard him laugh was this one time when i waved painter's tape in front of his face.  yeah, we're a bunch of lunatics.

and...sleep.  ahh, glorious sleep.  he is the grand champion of all my kids, and penelope was a rock star herself.  he usually eats around 9:30 pm and sleeps until around 8:30 am.  sometimes he wakes up around 6:30 wanting to be covered again with his blanket, but then he zonks back out.

god has been so, so, so faithful to us.  having finneas in our family has been so great, and to think i had been so worried!  i can't thank god enough for the gift of the last five months!

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lauren said...

look at those bulging arm muscles! that dude is finding a wife asap.