the (bi)weekly what's up.

i'll be honest, nothing has been going on around here this week.  so, since i didn't post one of these last week, i'll combine the two weeks to make what still only ends up being a half a blog post.  and awwaaaaaaay we go! 

a couple of weeks ago i got super hyped up about this miracle wheat flour that gf'ers have been having a great time with - no reactions or anything.  so what did i make first with mine?  chocolate chip cookies, of course.  and who did i have help me?  my favorite three-year-old, of course.

here he is picking out which one he wants to eat first.

unfortunately, i'm not so sure i'm going to have great luck with this flour, although i did react to it less than regular wheat flour.  atticus was more than happy to eat my share.

my garden is going to CRAP and i'm pretty T.O.'d.  i had to rip out six pumpkin plants, two zucchini plants and six hills of cucumbers because of bacterial wilt and squash borers.  all of my roma tomatoes are diseased (that'll teach me for buying them for super cheap at walmart at the end of the planting season), so i ripped two out and left two that are producing cherry-sized tomatoes with blossom-end rot.   my onions went to seed, and then the tiny little onions i did harvest got rained on while they were curing.  GAH.  GARDENING SUCKS.  I HATE SOIL AND ALL LIVING THINGS TOO. 

i'm guessing my soil is about as nourishing as cat litter, so this week when i heard that the garden store was selling everything for 50% off, i stocked up to try again next year with better results.  i am DETERMINED to win this.  and the next person who even hints that gardening is easy since you just need a seed, some dirt, some water, some sunshine and some love will get a punch to the neck.  just try me. 

i'm nearly done with seasonal cleaning.  yes, i started on july 4 and yes, i still have to do the storage room, the attic, and the kitchen.  but i'm considering myself close, only six weeks after starting! (remembering the days in our two-bedroom apartment when it was just me and todd and i worked full-time and still got it done in three days flat.)  now i have four and a half months before i get to do it all again.  yippee!

i'm really excited for next week on the blog.  it's anniversary week in the van voorst house, and there will definitely be pictures of todd with a peg leg.  just wait around to see what that has to do with anything.

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The Crislers said...

Don't feel bad about your garden. I have a bunch of basil plants in a container, and every time I look outside and think, "Almost time to harvest the basil!" I turn around it's crawling in Japanese beetles. What is it about gardening that makes normally peace-loving folk like us so violent? And why do we continue to do this to ourselves?