how to make both the mediacom salesguy and your husband uncomfortable in a single transaction.

the other day i was in the kitchen when i heard a knock on the front door.  i had been waiting for some landscaping guys to come give me an estimate on this half-mangy tree by our driveway, which is the only reason i ventured to the front of the house.  (hello? i stay at home with three tiny children by myself, plus i'm nearly always in pajamas or worse, so i don't prefer to answer the door during the day.)

it turns out it wasn't a tree guy, but a guy trying to sell me dish network in some kind of 'neighborhood, one-time-only, your neighbors will think you're a loser if you don't' deal.  he was all, who and how much do you currently pay for tv?  and i was all, no one and zero because we don't have tv. and he was all, dead silence.  and then some wiggling around.

apparently he had not heard that response before.  it kind of threw his pitch off for a second.

but then it was back on track! he was all, why don't you get tv? (probably thinking i'd say something about the cost, which is honestly part of it) but i was all, mostly personal preference.  we don't really watch it.  and again, he was all, crickets chirping.  wiggle wiggle.

then he launched into his pitch anyway, about how cheap it was and what a great deal it was and how he'd even install it for free on wednesday.  and you know what? it was a great deal.  and you know what else? i miss swamp people.  so i got swept up in the deal of the moment was all, can i get your info and talk to my husband?

which is why, when todd got home that evening, there was a folded up slip of paper in my pocket that read:


and i was all, i'm pretty sure todd is going to think i was propositioned by a stripper.  which was my sign that we are not prepared to get tv. so that was that.

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todd said...

Who needs "entertainment" when I have your blog?