the biggest little van voorst.

one of the things i've always loved about kids is that they say the funniest stuff.  it's really a shame that most kids don't write blogs, although it would probably put me out of a job if they did.  and by 'put me out of a job,' i mean, force me to do stuff normal adults are expected to do instead of blogging all day and shirking my responsibilities.

so i have taken it upon myself to record the thoughts and feelings of my kids, in their own words.  today, let's have peek into the mind of atticus.

...the other night we had some friends over and celebrated communion together.  todd described to atticus what was happening, explaining that the bread represented jesus' body and the grape juice represented his blood.  when atticus asked if he could have some juice, todd said he could have some later but that during communion, only people who have put their faith in jesus should participate.  later that night, atticus was like, 'dad, can i have some of that?' and todd was like, 'some of what?'  and atticus was like, '...jesus' blood.'

...on our anniversary, todd printed out a couple of our wedding photos for the kids to carry around, including a photo of our whole wedding party.  penelope was looking at it and said, 'i want to wear a white dress like mommy.'  i responded by telling her that she could wear one when she grows up and gets married.  atticus replied, 'when i grow up, i'm going to get married five times.'  i told him that no, when we grow up we pick one person and marry that person one time.  so he studied our wedding photo, pointed to my bridesmaid jeska and said, 'i pick that one!'

...atticus hit his head and started crying.  i asked him if he wanted me to put a kiss on it, and he replied, 'no, jesus will heal it.'

...atticus told todd, 'when i grow up, i want to be like you.'  todd replied, 'are you going to have a wife?'  'yeah.'  'are you going to have kids?'  'yeah.  and a water bottle.'

...the other night when atticus was saying his prayers with todd, he said, 'thank you jesus for my big boy bed, thank you for my mommy, thank you for a thousand dollars.'

that's right little buddy.  thank you for a thousand dollars.

i seriously have the best job in the world (meaning, raising my kids, not blogging).  and i'm hoping atticus shares those thousand bucks with me; it's about time i get paid to do some stuff around here.


todd said...

I love hearing the thoughts and ideas that are formed in our kid's minds. It is such an amazing thing and to know that we have some influence over some of that is a humbling/exciting responsibility. I love our kids and love that we are their parents.

whenjeskasparks said...

haha. fantastic. i told josh he had competition and he challenged atticus to a fight. but i told him i wouldn't marry a man that fights a he's kinda stuck.

todd said...

Sounds like Josh is in a lose-lose and Atticus in a win-win. Although it would be weird for Jeska to be my daughter-in-law (and Atticus married to someone over 20 years older than him - and Atticus is only 3).