once when we were dating, todd subtly got me on the subject of proposals and if i had anything specific in mind.  and in all honesty, i hadn't really thought of anything that i would find especially cool or romantic or stroke-inducing.  i just mentioned that i thought it would be nice if i could have pictures or video to look back on later, but i recognized this was kind of a pipe dream since having a photographer in your face kind of ruins the surprise of the moment i'm guessing.

in october of that year, todd's dear friend ami (yes, yes, as in the very womb that brought forth lisagrace alsbury herself) called me and said she was planning a surprise party for todd's birthday and could i find a way to get him there without giving away the secret?  and i was all, I. AM. ALL. OVER. THIS.

so that morning we were just hanging out at todd's apartment before running some errands when i was all, oh, i need to stop at ami's and borrow a book from her (stealthy, i know.).  so we hopped in the car, todd started shaking and sweating for some weird reason, and we drove over there.  and when we got there? SURPRISE!!! TODD!!!! IT'S YOUR BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there were presents and cake and games.  it was pretty awesome.  someone suggested playing pin the tail on the donkey and i was all, I. AM - AGAIN. - ALL. OVER. THIS.  so i waited my turn and when it came, i prepared myself to blow everyone out of the water with my uncanny ability to divine the exact spot on the donkey butt where my pin needed to go.  (also, this was the point in the afternoon where i loudly yelled, 'YES! I LOVE THE TEACUPS!'  which is a weird thing to yell.) only, when they took my blindfold off, someone had removed the donkey poster and replaced it with another sign that said in huge letters, 'will you marry me?' 

apparently todd had arranged the whole thing.  and i was all, TWIST!

of course, i started nervously laughing and going 'ohmygosh ohmygosh i'msosweaty ohmygosh.'  and because it was set up like a birthday party, there were approximately 700 people watching and taking pictures and video, so i can prove it to you sometime if you'd like.  then after i nodded a lot (but never actually verbalized 'yes,') and after todd also commented on how sweaty i was, we all awkwardly sat around and tried to pretend that we weren't all really uncomfortable and unsure of what to do next after the climax of the day was clearly over.

sometime when i learn technology, i'll have to upload the video and show you.  it's pretty much the most awesome and awkward thing you'll ever see.  here are some photos to convince you:

so if you're ever dying to hear me talk inappropriately about my perspiration levels, or hear lisagrace talk and laugh nonstop in a really shrill this-is-getting-exciting-but-you-have-no-idea-what's-coming kind of voice, or hear todd nervously smack his lips a lot, well then my friend, have i got a movie for you.  you just bring the gf'in' donuts and some corn-free popcorn (or, as todd calls it, popcorn't) and we'll do this movie night up rizz-ight.

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenni and Dan said...

Oh my word. That is awesome. I can't believe I've never heard how Todd proposed. I so want to see that video!