again with the '(bi)weekly what's up.'

last friday i failed to post a family update since it was our anniversary and i considered the summary of the past five years of our lives to be a sufficient update for the week.

but lo!  we've done some stuff.  so it's time to update yet again.

when last we left you, it was august 10, so we'll start there.  todd took the day off of work and we took the kids down to the zoo.  it was downright frigid, although you can't tell from the photos since i dress my kids rather inappropriately for the weather more often than i'd like to admit.  the zoo store sold a ton of sweatshirts that day, so maybe i wasn't the only one underprepared for the desolate tundra that was the des moines zoo on an august day.  i would have dedicated a whole blog post to this, but since we were only two normal two-handed humans with three kids, we got like three whole pictures.

then, todd dug a big hole.  it was a major undertaking.  i'll tell you about it next week.

finneas had his first sit in the exersaucer, though i don't think he had much fun considering the seat gave him a major wedgie and he spent the entire time looking on in terror as his siblings fought over who got to mess with the exersaucer the most.  poor child.  i'm guessing third children rarely have any unadulterated fun in their lifetimes since they're always having to be conscious of which limb they'll likely have to chew off if things turn ugly.  but, on the positive side, i'm guessing most people who die stranded in the woods are firstborns because they have irrational levels of confidence that got them into the woods in the first place, and have never had to cope with their own mortality before.  so, i'm glad to know finneas will likely never involuntarily die in the woods.

we celebrated our five-year anniversary by eating fish tacos at home with the kids.  it was nice to celebrate five years of blessings, in our home, with the kids god has given us.

the next day, we tried to attend a friend's party, but when we pulled out of the driveway our tire was majorly flat.  as in, completely coming off the wheel. so our handy neighbor helped us put the spare donut tire on and we gimped our way to town to get a new tire.  instead of yummy picnic food like they were eating at the party, we ate at the mcdonald's in the walmart, dropped way too much money on a new tire, and left just in time to get the kids home and in bed.  sad night.  happy anniversary to us.

we have at least two mice that were living in our house.   and one more that probably still is.  i'll tell you next week how todd found himself having to strategically run over one of them with his car.

and here we are already.  ready to see what a new week holds.

what were you guys up to?

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