on thanksgiving the lady across the street stopped by to tell us there was going to be a tree-lighting ceremony downtown the next night.  whut?! what kind of movie set did we move to that they would have a tree-lighting ceremony?!  i LOVE our town.

unfortunately penelope contracted the plague the night before, so she was unable to go.  so todd and atticus went while penelope and i had a girls' night forty five minutes in. 

she LOVES putting on her coat, so when she saw todd and atticus putting theirs on, she begged for hers too until todd gave in and let her put it on.  which made it especially pathetic-looking when she realized that she wasn't able to go with them and started bawling.

all dressed up with nowhere to go.

atticus had a blast seeing santa and watching him light up the tree.  he also got his very own candle (unlit) and sang christmas carols.  also, he took his toy vacuum hose along because it is his pet worm and we all know how much worms love santa.

oh, here is the awesomest townie thing yet:  see up there in that electrical truck? that's santa.  along with some other guy who was presumably up there to keep santa from falling to his death in front of a large crowd of wide-eyed children.  i personally find the extra guy unnecessary as santa apparently manages to keep his big old fatty self inside the sled at all times while it is flying hundreds of feet above the earth faster than the speed of sound.  but whatever.  whatever makes you feel like you're worth what you're paid, extra guy.

ALSO?! santa not only was up in that electrical truck to fire up the lights on the tree, but also to throw ping pong balls at the children below.   ahh, the magic of christmas.

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Allison said...

I'm glad Atticus had fun! We stopped by and didn't really enjoy the tree lighting part of it because half of the tree didn't even light up...not so spectacular. But I'm sure next year when J is older he will have fun singing and getting whacked with ping pong balls!