and i said darling, you look really pregnant...tonight...

(did i ruin the romance of that song for anyone else?)

if you were too swept up in the engorgement that is my belly while looking at this post, you may have missed seeing in those photos that i am developing a dreaded condition:  preggerface.

you know....preggerface.  when a preggo's eyes get all squinty and her cheeks get all swollen looking and her nose kind of spreads out flat across her face and her chin gets all doubled up.  you know, preggerface.

preggerface has been the topic of much discussion and anxiety over the course of all of my pregnancies, and i think i've been pretty good at preventing it/avoiding it/scaring it off before now.  not entirely successful, but pretty good.  for reference:

here i am 35 weeks pregnant with atticus.  slight, easily-goes-unnoticed preggerface.

here i am at 38 weeks with penelope.  not displaying any preggerface and also wearing an adult size small tshirt...ah, those were the days.  also in desperate need of a haircut, or at least a comb.

but with this pregnancy it is becoming quite obvious that a majority of my extra weight gain has been in my cheeks.  and you know what? the pregnancy hormones even have me kind of liking it.  i know i'll snap out of it once i'm in my right mind again, but for now, i'm feeling kind of good that my face doesn't look as gaunt as usual.  also, even my eyelids have fattened out (i'm not kidding) so eye makeup looks better. 

i am mourning the presence of mom-arms, which i've gotten each time around, where my bicep is all flabby and about the same diameter as my chest.  but maybe it finally makes me look as freakishly strong as i really am...?

'they' say that the only part of your body that doesn't change when you're pregnant are your ears, and i would be able to vouch for that this time around except that even my ears are doing something wonky...maybe it's psychosomatic, but i swear to you my earrings keep falling out, which has never been a regular occurrence before.

also, while we're on the subject of weird preggobody changes, i smell vaguely like laughing cow cheese at all times.  probably because i've been eating that stuff directly from the wrapper.  (or maybe i've been craving it because i walk around smelling it all day.)

other pregnancy cravings? CLAM CHOWDER.  indian food, even though i've never had it before in my life so i don't know if i'm actually craving it or just assuming i would be if i knew what it tasted like.  buffalo wild wings.  anything that's really highly spiced - for some reason everything tastes super bland right now.  anything with gluten in it, but that's not just because i'm pregnant.  one year later and i still can't stop thinking about cheese balls... and blueberry muffins... and bread that doesn't taste like you dug it out of your potted plants.

anyway, that's all i can think of for now, unless you were dying to know that i wear todd's clothing about 98% of the time i'm not in public.  last night i was waddling around in his break-away pants and a baseball jersey (that is, wah wah, getting too small) and todd was like, 'is that what i look like when i walk around?!' all horrified.  also, unless looking in a mirror, i can no longer see any part of my body that would be covered by a pair of extra-modest bermuda shorts.  which i have a feeling is more a blessing than anything else, so i avoid the mirror.

there you have it.  i'm swollen and squinty and smelly and hungry and dressed like a man.  your day doesn't look quite so bad right about now, does it?


Anonymous said...

I think you look super adorable! I get preggy arms, thighs, butt, feet, and face. I become a fatty.

And I can't even wear a single piece of Garrett's clothing because we are the same size when I am not pregnant. He also made the comment that we need to buy some new t-shirts because they are all stretched out from three years of being pregnant. Oh joy:-)

todd said...

atticus looks exactly the same in the picture (roughly 16 months) as he does now! crazy.

and you have looked awesome through all 3 pregnancies!

todd said...

also, today is Penelope's 20 month birthday!

Amy said...

Paige, you make me laugh so much!! I would love to see that "preggerface" of yours soon! I can bring BWW...! ;)