come as you are, soaked in bleach.

our house is pretty big, but there's very little indoor storage since the previous owners finished both the basement and the attic.  (and since it's 100 years old, there aren't many closets and none of the few closets we do have is very large.)  not that i'm complaining about the finished basement and attic - i've loved having the option of a downstairs family room and only occasionally think about the fact that i'm probably getting radon poisoning being down there all the time. 

the attic, on the other hand, is a little different...they started finishing it, meaning they hung a bunch of drywall and installed a skylight, but it's really poorly insulated and the staircase up there basically challenges you to cheat death every time you use it.  so.  i don't like storing things up there because it's hard to carry anything up there without a resulting amount of pure mammalian fear pumping through my veins, plus the skylight would cause everything to fade, plus since it's somewhat finished i feel bad using it as a giant closet, plus it's cold and i'm just throwing that out there while i'm complaining about stuff.

all that being said, i had not been forced to use the attic for storage before now because our house has a three-car garage.  yes.  had i been allotting yard space when the decisions were made, we'd probably have a two-car garage and a chicken coop, but no one asked me.  so i'm just happy with the extra storage space out there.

when we first moved, i just put everything into that stall of the garage that had previously been in our rented garage.  it was basically all just plastic bins and baby gear, and i had never before had a problem having all of those things in a garage-space rather than a house-space.  but something's different with this particular garage and EVERYTHING had started growing mold.  so i freaked out and had todd bring in every last tub and bin and whatnot and put it in the basement family room while i figured out what to do with it.

fast forward to this week.  in prepping for the coming kiddo, i went to get out the car seat and bouncy seat and swing, etc...ALL COMPLETELY COVERED IN MOLD.  it was disgusting.  say what you will about my lackadaisical approach to germs, but mold, y'all, is another story.  in the van voorst house, we don't mess around with spores.  (look in leviticus and you'll see that god has a similar extremist attitude toward stuff like that, so i don't feel unreasonable.)

so...begrudgingly...i broke out the bleach.  as much as i hate that stuff, it is the one thing that will effectively kill all the yuckies, so i did it and i didn't look back.  i washed all removable cloth covers in a hot bleach bath TWICE.  i sprayed down all plastic and metal parts and nonremovable straps with a bleach solution.  and then i rinsed and rinsed and soaped and rinsed like my life depended on it.

because the only thing that freaks me out more than bleach is mold, and once the mold was gone, i was officially freaked out by the bleach. 

but now everything seems to be sporeless and bleachless and back to clean and baby-safe.  i hope.  i hope.  now i just have to figure out where i'm going to put all this stuff once we're done using it this time around, because i am NOT doing this again.


todd said...

Way to a drop a Nirvana reference.

Anonymous said...

We had the exact same problem with our car seat but I am not as brave as you and when it comes to mold, unless it is something none cloth, I toss it. Mold grosses me out and I am never sure what bleach is safe to use on. Needless to say we got a new infant car seat (thanks to my parents) and tossed our other one but I am pretty sure someone seized the mold infested car seat from our trash.

todd said...

nice touch with the google search added to the page. this way people can just set your blog as their homepage and then do their google searches from it :)

paige said...

it's set to only search this blog. i put it on there more for my own convenience than anything :)