noah clown sees you when you're sleeping. comforting.

this year, atticus has been much more aware of the christmas season and a lot of the hullabaloo that goes along with it.  while we don't tell him santa is real or pretend that he visits our house, i'm perfectly fine with him talking about him/pretending to be him the way he would any other fictional character he finds fascinating and readily identifiable.

leaving him to his own three-year-old devices to piece together the facts about santa has been pretty entertaining.  for example, i don't think he's ever seen an image of santa in a sleigh, but he has seen santa riding in an electric truck.  so i'm pretty sure he thinks that's santa's main mode of transportation.  which probably led to this little nugget of toddler wisdom:

"mom, if santa fell outta his power truck, he would not say 'ho ho ho,' he would cry."  A+, little learner.

also, he has been confused by the fact that santa closely resembles various illustrators' depiction of noah.  at the beginning of christmas season (so, october for those of us who frequent hobby lobby) he would see santa figurines/wrapping paper/bedazzled sweaters/what have you and would usually ask, 'who's that, mom? noah?'  and mostly because i'm afraid of the wrath of strangers who have very strong opinions about the fact that my toddler doesn't know who santa is, i'd correct him and we'd leave it at that.

i thought he had learned to distinguish the difference between santa and noah (although, even as an adult i am forced to recognize that the only difference sometimes is that santa wears a hat while noah probably has some kind of bird's nest in his hair), but the other day at wal-mart we had this conversation:

atticus: (looking at a giant inflatable lawn santa popping out of a giant inflatable lawn christmas tree) who's that, mom? a noah clown?

paige: no, it's santa.

atticus: (quite disdainful of my ignorance) no, mom.  it's a noah clown.

not sure where the clown part came from, unless the thing reminded him of a jack-in-the-box.  but it struck me that 'a noah clown' is the perfect description of santa's jolly-old-silverfox good looks.  so maybe i have something to learn from atticus this christmas after all.

so apparently, to sum up, christmas is a time when santa and two of each kind of animal board an electric truck and come to entertain you by popping out of your landscaping.

ahh, to see christmas through the eyes of a child.


whenjeskasparks said...

haha. tevs did the same thing. i randomly found a santa ornament i was going to use for my ugly-christmas-dress and as tevah grabbed it he goes (almost as will ferrell in "elf") "NOAH! i KNOW him! i know HIM!" haha.

i actually kinda like that the kid doesn't even have a grid on santa to know what he looks like.

we got some geniuses on our hands :)

todd said...

i love that he calls santas "noah clowns." it is so creative and clever and gives you a peek into his mind. it makes me giggle.