sick day.

as i mentioned briefly last week, thanksgiving night penelope came down with a fever and just was not acting like herself.

the next morning she was in full-blown virus-and-fever mode.  not wanting to eat, only wanting to lay on the couch and watch yo gabba gabba.  (has anyone seen that show?  it's basically awesome and stroke-inducing and confusing and hipster and the best thing EVER...all for the under-five set.)  she would only drink really cold water and kept chewing on her hands, which made me think it was a throat thing.

the poor kid was absolutely miserable.  she wasn't able to nap well, and overnight she slept in our room because she woke up frequently needing water or tylenol.  even with tylenol, she was burning up and completely uncomfortable.  during the day i avoided the meds, and she just cuddled with me for hours and slept intermittently.  it went on like this through sunday.  on monday she seemed to be feeling much better, but by tuesday she was under the weather again, so i took her in to the doctor, who said it was a virus and we should just ride it out.  i was super relieved we wouldn't have to do a round of antibiotics.

sick babe.

atticus was so sweet to her.

cuddled up with her blankie, watching yo gabba gabba.

lots and lots of books.  she'd read all day on a normal day, but i think she understood that while she was sick she got to be spoiled and have as many read to her as she requested.

finally eating something.

by friday evening the fever was RAGING and even yo gabba gabba couldn't cheer her up.  atticus in his favorite hat.

it was a spiderman slippers kind of day.

she was finally feeling well enough by sunday to at least get off the couch and to sit in the kitchen chair and read.  and to eat a little bread.  baby steps.

fter tuesday, she was on the upswing.  since then, we've been laying low, letting her recover and trying to keep the rest of us well-fed and well-rested in order to avoid getting it.  since her fever set in two weeks ago, and none of the rest of us have contracted anything, we seem to be in the clear!  (todd and i got some scratchy throats, but after a ridiculous amount of green tea with honey, it never turned into anything for either of us.)

here's to hoping that's all the yuck that visits our house this cold-and-flu season.  (yeah right, but a girl can hope.)

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todd said...

i really like what you did with the picture quality on the first few. it seems like a different kind of editing than you normally use. poor lil sis. i remember how miserable she was. she is so sweet. now let's all stay healthy from here on out!