christmas decorating: one post in what is sure to become a series.

so, i love love love decorating for christmas.  not with weird figurines and stuff like some people get into, but your basic 'tree and lights' kind of stuff.

the first year we were married todd and i picked out a real tree from fareway and i named it christy brinkley and decorated it with commemorative barbie ornaments.  it was kind of the best.  but later we found out (according to our lease, the legal document we were supposed to have read before agreeing to sign, but we apparently didn't get to the fine print about christmas trees) that real trees in our apartment complex were verboten.  i was emotionally crushed.

no real-pine scent? how would it ever feel like christmas without real-pine scent?

well, lucky for me, i had a baby three weeks before the following christmas and could have cared less about real-pine scent, except that it would have been helpful in covering up the stench of puked-up breastmilk and first-time-mom hopelessness that i'm sure filled every nook and cranny of that place.  i did hardly any decorating for christmas because, let's face it, i hardly had time or energy to shower and those commemorative barbies with their froofy blown-out hair and sparkly ball gowns would have only mocked me from their perch among the branches. 

last year we had to get creative because i was all like, i'm going to be a baby about not getting a real tree so i refuse to invest in an artificial tree because maybe someday we'll have a house where we get to pick whatever the crap kind of tree we want and THEN i will get my lovely-smelling tree.  (turns out, when i'm being a baby i also use really long sentences.)  so my mom bought us an eight-dollar, three-foot-tall tree from the dollar store (which was eight times more expensive than you'd think it would be) and i bought a real-pine wreath from flowerama.  still got that piney smell without the eviction notice.  win-win.

then this year...ahh, this year.  as soon as the kids went down for naps the day of atticus' birthday party, i sent todd and my mom off on a tree hunt.  turns out? there's a tree farm just up the road from here and todd got to try his hand at lumberjacking for the first time ever.  and then he got free kringla and cider (the name of the place is kris kringla's, which is hilarious if you've lived in a scandinavian town for more than a week and get the joke.)  and then he and my mom hauled this gorgeous fatty of a tree home, where it is perfuming our house with its delicious scent.  (on a side note, one year growing up we picked out a tree that had, unbeknownst to us, gotten peed on by some woodland creature and our house smelled like animal make for days.)

unfortunately, i have not had time to decorate said tree, and he has stood there in our entryway all naked and sad-looking since sunday.  BUT TODAY IS THE DAY, MY FRIENDS.  today is the day i will bust out the barbies (along with some other ornaments that speak to the more adult, college-educated side of me) and deck the most garish tree you've ever seen. 


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