single digits!!

in the pregnancy countdown, we're now officially in the single digits.  nine weeks to go.  i am in shock.

over the course of each of our three pregnancies, we've done our best to document weekly swelling growth from week 19 on.  this was the first time we dropped the ball and forgot to do a week.  the third kid always gets jipped.  or so i've heard; i'm a firstborn and have never known jip-edness in my life.

anyway.  on to the photos.  i could have done them in some kind of collage where they're all conveniently side-by-side and framed nicely and whatever.  but first, i'm raising two toddlers and a fetus and a blog, so i don't have time for these things.  second, the basic summary of my photo editing know-how is how to click 'autotone.'  so take a walk down 'preggo' memory lane (which is different than 'preggo memory' lane, which is very short and chaotic and scattered and sleepy.)

yikes.  word to the wise: FLASH IS NEVER YOUR FRIEND.

isn't he absolutely glowing?

remind me to send a note to old man winter that his lighting sucks.

so there you have it, friends.  i have nine more weeks to go and i've already gained my total amount of weight from either of my two previous pregnancies.  either finneas or i should be considered a truck of a human being, and i'm not sure which i would prefer.

still up in the air about whether to do an epidural birth or go natural, in case anyone's holding their breath for the results of that little decision.  but we just bought two packages of newbie diapers, and i pulled out the baby elmer fudd-style hat for him to wear home from the hospital, so i'd say we're basically prepared to be parents again.  

as long as i can squeeze in a pedicure first.  because i'm not going to lie, a good pedicure can make or break how you feel about your post-baby body.  at least in my experience.  and considering i'm on track to gain 5-10 pounds more with this kid than with the other two, i have a feeling i'm going to need all the help i can get.

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todd said...

you look really good in all of these pictures. i love you my beautiful wife!