celebreality monday

we take weekly pictures of the pregnancy (or, rather, weekly pictures of me being pregnant, and progressively more so). we usually take three or four and then i go through and decide which one is the 'keeper,' where my hair looks nice and i don't look half stoned. this is the one i have chosen for this week:

now, for a celebreality flipideedoo: what you can't see here is that my back has been killing me, i only shower three times a week, i wear the same pajamas for 48 to 72 hours on end, and i'm kind of generally horrible to be around at times. in fact, here's a more accurate picture of what greets todd when he rushes home from work:

this was not staged. this was todd taking my picture when the light was in my eyes and we were on our way out the door to church. i wanted him to wait until the sun was higher (and therefore more photogenic and also not burning my retinas) and to all around not take my picture. he chose his own path instead. he was snarled at by his doting helpmate. hence this intimate moment between husband and wife, captured on film and forever treasured by the van voorsts.

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todd said...

i love you my wife!